Sunday, May 18, 2008

I need advice...


In a nutshell...
These are three of the many colors I have slapped on my wall to try to decide what color to paint a very large room.


We are talking 30 feet ceilings (with skylights) and just a big room in general. I am looking for that perfect terra cotta color but can't find it. If I can't find something soon or at least decide Mr Yarn is going to strangle me.

Another view of big room:


Please give me your opinion. No white, off white or ecru allowed.


suzee said...

How about Navajo White?


I would pick up one of the more "colorful" colors in the stones, and go with that. Looks like there might be something in your color family in the more gold stones?

Have fun, whatever you do! It'll be spectacular, no matter what.

Kate G. said...

Pratt & Lambert 8-16 Orange Spice (accents in 12-28 Riviera Sand and 14-25 Whale). That's my very best advice to you (but I feel like a dope since I know what a great colorist you are).

Anonymous said...

what is the ceiling? looks like wood. I'd try a shade that pulls from both the stones and ceiling

ps Dakota is darling!


TheAmpuT said...

I can't make a color suggestion, but it sure does seem like you will have lots of different lighting and shading going on in that space. You might want to slap your test swatch up in more than place and check it out during different times of the day. Things can really look different way up there! (ask me how I know LOL)

Anonymous said...

I like the first or the third swatch. But, hesitate because the colors may not be coming through on the picture like they truly are. Are you going to do all four walls in the room the same? It ought to be a blast to paint!!!

Cynthia said...

Hi, Wow! What a magnificent room! If the 3 that you've presented are your finals, I'd go for the one on the right.