Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day (or Toto we aren't in Kansas anymore)

Memorial Day

So we were doing a few errands on Memorial Day and hit a roadblock. Evidently it was a 5 minute parade down Highway 20 in Westborough. It consisted of Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, a high school band and um....army tanks.

We also threw a BBQ for 20. I was accused of renting people to attend but I swear I didn't. It was a nice day.
Here are a few shots of the new patio and pool.

New Patio

More Patio

Here is a view of our neighbors yard from our patio

View from yard

and the pool from hell

New pool

and last but not least my girl Dakota

Dakota da dog


vanessa said...

your pool from hell looks very inviting :-)

Linda in Alameda, CA said...

OK, I'll bite. Why do you call it the pool from hell?

Carol in NoVa said...

Love the pool. Coming to visit now.

Kate G. said...

Gosh, what a change. I hear a pool is a nice place to skinny dip on humid nights, but…um…wait until the neighbors are asleep.

As always, Dakota is freckle-licious!