Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not a good week

Lets just say that I have been under some stress due to a guest that is here.
I am knitting a little bit but it makes it hard to concentrate when you feel like you are going to jump out of your skin.
So, I knit what I usually knit when I want to do something mindless


Socks. I can't get the color to come out so they look awful in the picture, but I loved the Classic Elite Sock yarn. This is what the color really looks like:


Wish me luck. 5 more days.


Kate G. said...

Uh-oh, time to crawl in the stash box and close the lid?

vanessa said...

wishing you time flight :-)
purty sock colors.

kelley said...

hi janis! wonderful socks...good luck with entertaining...ahem...miss you!!!!

Stefaneener said...

Eeeeesh. Life is too short. Hang in there. The kids miss you. And yes, they are getting big. Hard to believe.