Friday, August 01, 2008

More stuff

New Friend

I forgot to mention that my sister and brother in law are in town and we went to Sturbridge Village. It was way cooler than I thought it would be. We ended up spending the whole day there. I loved it.

Now for promised pictures (you know who you are that kept bugging me for them) of the kitchen

New Kitchen

(if you click on it you can see a bigger picture of it mom)

and another of the new built in for the kitchen

New Kitchen

I just noticed that I have the same chicken sitting on the counter as the one at Sturbridge. Only difference is the one on the counter is fake.


Laurel said...

Oh. My. Gawd. It's like kitchen heaven. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. It looks so warm and inviting.

jerbo said...

Nice kitchen. I like the chicken too!

KB said...

love, love, love the kitchen. I can just imagine you whipping up something amazing for dinner, with a glass of wine in your hand.

As for the bug bites...have you tried taking loads of vitamin b ( I think it's B12 that the mosquitoes don't like). Maybe that will keep them at bay? Of course, that won't keep the poison ivy away.....but as you saw on M's in CA didn't keep the poison stuff away from her!

vanessa said...

nice kitchen!
when i was a little girl, my dream in life was to live in old sturbridge village. (and i've never even been there).