Thursday, July 31, 2008

I wanna go home

I wanna go home

Why is there a picture of my foot covered in Calamine? It is to demonstrate that after 2 months of non stop bites and poison ivy, and no sleeping because I want to scratch my leg off, I have a good reason why I want to stop pretending that I live in Massachusetts and I want to come home to California. For some reason every bug and deadly plant in this state wants me to leave as well.


Kate G. said...

The same thing happened to Eve when she left Paradise. Of course, in the modern world there is calamine lotion, BUT I read in the NY Times that a new—more virulent—strain of poison ivy has been found. Ouch!

Best to stay indoors and knit.

jerbo said...

Best to stay in California. I miss you now and I didn't even know you were gone.