Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paint me stupid...

I am on a huge painting spree. Everything in this house needs to be painted because the people that lived here before didn't really like to see anything around them. They painted everything so dark that I swear they must have been moles. So I am on a kick to lighten it up with some color and with some warmth. This is a terrible picture of the true color but if you saw it in person I swear you would love it (or maybe not but *I* do).


So since I am on a roll I decided to paint all the closet doors which were in dire need of some paint. As I moved on I thought "Well, if I am doing the closet doors I may as well do the doors too" This is not to mention that there are about 30 doors upstairs. So I paint my first door in the guest bedroom and I am feeling all smug. "Why should I hire a painter, I am doing a great job myself". I get off the ladder to admire my handywork and it hits me in the face.


The damn door jams aren't white. They are a nondescript dirty something or other. Now I have to paint all the door jams and windowsills too.

Just how *I* wanted to spend my first sweltering summer in Massachusetts.

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Stefaneener said...

Not stupid. . . this is just how painting goes. Do NOT, however, attempt a "small" update in a bathroom. Before you know it, you'll have all the fixtures ripped out and thousands of dollars will have been sucked out of your accounts and you will be using a bucket to wash your hair.