Friday, July 18, 2008

The indignity

The indignity

Esther went to the groomer for the first time today. When she came out she had two purple bows in her hair. I don't know if they noticed but she is a SAINT BERNARD not a poodle. I was expecting a bandanna or something. Poor girl. She muttered all the way home about how she didn't want to get out of the car because the neighbors might see her.

I think MY day is worse than hers though. It is about 90 degrees today and it is so humid it feels like you have to swim through the air just to move. I popped in my ipod and got to work on painting doors. I was so happy. Just as I got to the middle of the guest bathroom door I turned around and made a critical error. I bumped into the ladder that had the paint sitting on it. One gallon of white paint went flying around a bathroom that is no bigger than a closet. It got on everything including me. I cleaned up most of it but still have a nasty reminder.


So, this weekend we are pulling out the vanity and putting in a new one (we were going to do that anyhow). My sister and her husband are staying here next weekend and I want it done before they get here. Being me sucks right now.


suzee said...

Erm, at least it was a tiny bathroom and not a big (carpeted) living room?

It's going to look GREAT with the new vanity!

Esther is a cutie.

huntdl said...

I am so sorry. When I get groomed they put real cool scarves on me.
I would just die if they put bows on my ears. I mean what are they thinking.
My Mom wrote this for me because my paws are to big to type on her puter, I mean computer!
Hang in there.
Love Hairy the Doodle-Dog

Hi Janis
Things are looking good.


Annie said...

who the heck is esther?

Karo said...

Ha! I love the look on Ester's face! That's the same look Miss Daisy had when they did that to her! Miss Daisy is a girl n' all, but she ain't no dang sissy!