Saturday, July 19, 2008

My god son Larry

Larry cooling off with a popcycle

This is Larry my god son. I made myself his god mother because I love him so much. He belongs to my pal Karo. She doesn't mind if I say he is my god son because she knows that beside her I love him the most in the whole world. Mr Yarn wouldn't let me have my own Lemur so I have to get all my fun by looking at pictures that Karo sends me.

Larry was hot so he had a popsicle. He has good taste because he chose an orange popsicle and not something stupid like cherry.

Larry Dean 006

Larry rocks!


Anonymous said...

I love Larry. Does Larry have lady-lemur friend?
PS feeling your pain re the white paint. I'm SO glad that you were going to get a new vanity anyway...

Kate G. said...

You know, as godmother, you are responsible for Larry's moral upbringing. Steady now. There's more than popsicle choices ahead!