Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am done for a while...

Since this house is way too big for us (what was *I* thinking when we bought it????) I decided on dedicating the empty rooms to visitors. So, I went to an antique shop and I found room numbers from an old hotel (although the guy couldn't give me any good stories behind the numbers). We put them up last night:

Room 1848

Behind room 1848 is Guest room 2 (Guest room 1 is bigger and has its own bath. We charge more). I just painted this room a really pretty color that doesn't really show up in these pictures so you will all have to just come and visit. I give my blog readers a BIG discount.


Here you can see the color a little better


Room 1849

Room 1849 is the command station from which I am working out of to get all the other rooms done. It will be my art room when I drag my yarn up here from the basement.


Room 1850

Room 1850 is our room. We haven't done much with it but I like it anyhow.


We still have to get a flat screen TV and get rid of the clunker. If you are observant you can see that I have a trial swatch of color over by the balcony (that looks down into the den). Still trying to figure out the color for the den.

Room 1851

Room 1851 is the Guest room 1. My personal favorite.


Here is Guest Room 1's bathroom. I just painted it a mind numbing blue. I may have gone overboard.


And there you have the second floor of this house. I will do the kitchen pictures in a few days. It is all done and really came out perfect (at least perfect for me).

I am pooped.


Kate G. said...

Brilliant idea. I'm booking a week's stay in the Fall. Are there muffins in the morning?

FYI, does Esther freak during lightning storms? I read that static electricity builds up in fur and makes animals nervous, but that you can run an anti-static fabric softener sheet over them to reduce the effect.
I'm curious (no bluffing).

vanessa said...

1851 is my favorite also :-)

molly said...

Oooh, can we come visit? We want to meet the puppy (and you never got to meet Elinor).

Diane in Oregon said...

I love the bold blue bathroom, and the warm colors in your room and the guest rooms!

Laurel said...

You have the most fantastic taste. I just want to give up on all this home renno crap and come live with you guys in one of those beautiful rooms.

TheAmpuT said...

I've been quietly lurking in the background here and have to've done so much that just watching from over here makes me exhausted! hahaha

The place looks awesome ;-)

Karo said...

JanisNorR you have done a WAAAAAAY WONDERFUL job young lady! Can Larry and I come and live with you? Oh wait, there is Miss Daisy too! I think you home is just awesome! I enjoy reading all your blog.