Tuesday, November 04, 2008



Mr Yarn and I carved the annual pumpkins. Every year I say I am not doing it again because of the gooey mess but every year I do it.

Naughty doggy

Esther dressed up for the party. Actually, our neighbor Kim put this on her at the end of the evening for a laugh. I don't think that the pooch thought it was funny, but we did.


All is back to normal except...

We had a skunk die in our driveway this morning. I didn't wake up to the smell of coffee but to the stench of skunk. The smell isn't going away anytime soon. Not a good week so far.

Go out and vote! Hopefully the news of the election returns will make my day tomorrow.


Kate G. said...

Big day. Fingers crossed for you-know-who. That said, lovely to know that the pumpkin tradition continues on the East Coast. Wish you were here, though.

The Calderones said...

That was a stinky stinky skunk.

I think that now that Ester is growing taller that this is a ploy- we all know in that huge house of yours that you are really spending your free time training her to dust off your coffee tables - :-).