Monday, November 03, 2008



I was tagged by Kim

1. I hate roses.
2. I don't like chocolate.
3. Disneyland gives me the creeps.
4. My favorite food is artichoke.
5. I love opera music.
6. I still read Usenet groups.
7. I always wanted singing lessons.

I bore even me.

I have lots to blog and I have Halloween pictures to post but things have been pretty sad around here for the last few days. Mr. Yarn's dad passed away on Sunday. We will be heading off to San Antonio in a week to take care of stuff.


ms. crafty said...

Poor Mr. Yarn. My thoughts and hugs are with the both of you...

Linda in Alameda, CA said...

So sorry. My condolences to Mr. Yarn, and to you as well.

Kate G. said...

I'm was so sorry to read the news. That man was larger than life. If I were there I'd be over with Tuna Casserole. Unfortunately I don't think a hot dish mails well and it wouldn't be the same to just send the ingredients.

The Calderones said...

Three Cheers to the baseball player- after all not everyone leaves a legacy of pitching against some of baseballs greats.

Condolences to all. So-Sorry for your loss!

Hugs and Love