Friday, November 07, 2008

Ham and knitting

Smithfield ham

I have had a long standing joke with Laurel about a Smithfield ham. Well it isn't THAT long standing of a joke, but "Miss Smartypants" sent me this beautiful ham (and believe me it is a beaut). So the neighbors are coming this weekend to help us dig in. I will make some other stuff along with it that will harden the arteries even further. I am going to miss my California ham companions (waving to Kate and Gene with a really long face).

Onto knitting news:

Northern lights sweater

I started another sweater. I bought the kit from "Mostly Merino" at the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival. It is called "Northern Lights" and I am loving it.


Laurel said...

Yay! Ham!

Wait a minute. I do not remember that beautiful sweater. Holy cow, that's gorgeous! Did I know about this before now and, if so, why did you not make me order a kit, too?

Linda in Alameda, CA said...

I second that "Yay. Ham" I am thinking of serving ham on Thanksgiving instead of the tired old turkey.

Fabulous sweater!

Kate G. said...

Sigh...Gene was waving around the Nancy Newsome brochure yesterday and talking about how we should appear on your doorstep with a leg in tow (not as gruesome as it sounds). Happy to hear a fine tradition continues on the other coast.