Wednesday, December 24, 2008

FIRE!!! or Happy Xmas Eve


So the street was quiet this morning and being the new kid on the block I figured I needed to stir stuff up. Ya know, get the neighbors blood rushing to get their day started. So, when I woke up this morning and said "I smell something" and Mr Yarn (my PhD chemist) said "I will check it out WHEN I GET HOME FROM WORK" I didn't think much of it. As I drank my second cup of coffee and was getting sick to my stomach I decided to call my neighbor Cathy who is a mom and who knows more than chemists. When I opened my front door and she said "Grab your purse with your cell phone [take your coffee with you] and lets open all windows and turn off ALL electricity!" I believed her. She then called the fire department.


They showed up! They converged on the house and determined that I should be checked out by the paramedics as well. Pffft. I didn't need any paramedic and I told them so, but they called em anyhow.



So, it wasn't natural gas. Know what it was?


The mighty snowblower that we spent a wad of money on because being Californians we didn't know that we didn't need one the size of a leer jet. It was leaking gasoline. Mr Fireman made me learn how to turn it off and on. He then made jokes about having to take it to the station for "Evidence". Har har.

Best part of my morning is when one of the firemen lit a cigarette and proceeded to smoke it in my driveway. "Uh, Mr Fireman is that SAFE with gas leaking?" his reply was "Yeah, it is the "test" to see that all is safe".



Laurel said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Firemen. Tasty, tasty firemen.

(Glad everything's okay!)

Okate said...

A yard full of firemen for Christmas? I'm with Laurel. You go girl! Your wild Green Acres adventure continues with style.

suzee said...

So glad you're OK! Scary.

We just have earthquakes here. You Easterners, I swear. All crazy.

Stefaneener said...

So glad you're okay. And I love, love, love the test at the end. You're passing east coast tests all the time, I tell you.

The Calderones said...

Ohhh my god!!! First of all- I'm so glad you are all OKAY.. second of all as usual you are leaving me laughing hysterically- third- there are firetrucks in front of our house and I had to skim to the bottom to make sure everything okay -with my heart pounding wildly-laugh. Love the Marshmallow comment. Hugs and missing you all terribly!!!!