Monday, December 01, 2008

They call it sleet but...


*I* call it snow and it is the first white stuff I have gotten to seen since I moved here! How excited was I when my neighbor Kim called me from her driveway and said "Look outside!". I love you for now snow. I know I will grow to hate and resent you but for now you are beautiful to me.


Another Turkey under my wing. Came out great if I have to say so myself. Just goes to show you what 2lbs of butter will do to zip up your cooking.

I am very thankful for family, friends and all that I have in this world.



Stefaneener said...

Butter covers a whole lot of cooking sins. I think every single dish on our Thanksgiving table, except for the spinach salad, had about a stick or a half stick of butter in it.

Laurel said...

Butter. It's the new brine. I give mine an under-the-skin rubdown with a ton of butter and then a full body massage with a little olive oil. Yum.

Also? That "snow?" Um. I think you might want to adjust your expectations since I'm pretty sure it gets bigger and fluffier and deeper as the season progresses. Just sayin'.