Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh Jules!!!!

julie and janis

Look at us! I found this picture and you still make me smile. I can still remember taking that picture and I still remember how much you meant to me. You still do. You still make me laugh. I was the ugly girl and you were the pretty girl but you always let me wear the rabbit coat.

Boy am **I** glad Xmas is over. I got great gifts and all but there is something so creepy about no stores being open and feeling like everyone has fallen off the face of the planet.


We got this tree ornament that I LOVE from Kim and Denis. It looks just like our houses and I love it so so much. I also got a new digital camera that I took the picture with from Mr Yarn and it is awesome.

Esther had a good day. It was our first Xmas with her.


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