Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks Ted!

My cactus

One of the hardest parts of leaving my home in California (besides all the obvious things like my kids and family and friends) is that I had to give up a lot of my plants. I had a keffir lime tree that I had for years and that I cherished. I cooked with the leaf and knew that it wouldn't be able to come with me to this cold climate. I gave the lime tree to my brother and I am ashamed that I haven't asked about how it is doing. Part of me doesn't want to know.

There were other plants that I loved and had sentimental value to me. I entrusted these to my friend Ted. I knew that Ted would be totally trustworthy to take care of all that I gave him. I must admit that I haven't thought back about my plants since I moved here. I have dwelled more on my kids, family and friends and how heartsick I sometimes feel that they are not within driving distance. I also miss going out to dinner or having them over for dinner. So, the plants take back seat. But, I can not tell you how my heart sang when I opened up an email from Ted (who I haven't corresponded with since I moved here) and the picture above was in his email. I knew that he would have my back where my plants were concerned.

Thanks Ted!


vanessa said...

you are lucky to have ted :-)

Stefaneener said...

That is really hard. I think about how much I'd miss the plants if I weren't here. It's just something you can't explain to someone who doesn't have the same urges.

Miss you too. Visit sometime.