Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lamb and Bat boxes and jam...ohmy!

My bat box

This is my bat box. Our friend Jeff gave it to me at xmas time because I told him I always wanted one.

So one night we were sitting on our pals Cathy and Jeff's porch and just shootin the breeze.

Where the idea was hatched

Jeff came up with the idea of putting the bat box up on the light post across the street from the porch so we could watch for bats when we sat out there. Never thought it would happen but last night the plan was carried out.

A plan in action

What a guy. Can't tell you how excited I will be to see my first bat fly into that box.

Jeff hanging bat box

Busy weekend. We drove to Leyden Glen Farm. We met Kristin Nicholas and her wonderful husband Mark and adorable daughter Julia. We got to meet the sheep, chickens and new kittens.

We also left there happy as could be with our whole lamb (no, not alive) and a dozen fresh eggs.



Leyden Glen eggs

Our new freezer is finally starting to look like it belongs to us

Lamb home

On our way home from the farm we stopped for lunch at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. THE most awesome gyro that I have EVER had. While we were there we picked up this locally handmade soda.

Local handmade soda

I also made some jam to go on this lamb we brought home. My neighbor Roxanne gave me Rhubarb from her garden so I made a recipe that I found at Gourmet online. It was Rhubarb Rosemary Jelly to be eaten on lamb.

Rosemary Rhubarb jam


Jean said...

We've got a bat box just like yours, with a cut-out of a bat on it to make its purpose clear. It lives high on our garage wall. We've got bats -- we see them swooping about in the evening. We have never ever seen a bat anywhere near the bat box.

Kate G. said...

Whoa, you have Leyden Glen Lamb! I am green with envy. No, really. I've been following Kristin's blog and her entry about the lamb made my mouth water.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Janis: Wow - thanks for the great post. I can't believe what you are making with the lamb. I don't even know what berbere is but I will look it up. I'm working on some lamb recipes for the website now. The farmer's markets are doing okay but I need to educate loads of people. They don't know what to do with lamb! It's not hard for me but most of the shoppers don't seem to be very adventuresome!

Let me know what else you make! I'm hoping to do the first workshop the 17th to 19th of July. Just figuring it out. I think I am going to have to go to Detroit to tape another season of the t.v. show too so it looks like it is going to be a really busy summer!