Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My old friends are weird...


Lee and Nikki came to visit. They are friends that I have had for a long long time. I have been missing them something terrible. I knew that they would appreciate the history around here. So, I took them to Minuteman State Park and showed them the whole Paul Revere thing.

We went to the "Bridge"


We rode the trail (in the car not on horse)


and we went to Sudbury to see the Wayside Inn. We also went to Walden Pond (well, we drove by it and went to the gift shop because we didn't feel like paying for parking).

But what we were all waiting for was unspoken


Saturday we went to Lizzy Borden's house in Fall River.


I took pictures of some of the stuff but not all of it.


(see the orb out the window...that isn't glare it is an orb from a is!)


Look to the right of that picture...another ORB.


Look on the ceiling to the left of the picture.... UFO? I'm just sayin....


Lizzy's sewing machine...pssst...look at the right hand side of the wall....

and because Lee and Nikki are sorta sick puppies we had to go to the cemetery to see "Lizbeth" (NO, we didn't put the flowers there).


So that was fun.

Come visit and we will take you somewhere fun too.

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