Monday, September 14, 2009

A trip to Bar Harbor but I did hear banjo's playing


We went with Cathy and Jeff to Bar Harbor. It was beautiful. We spent our time walking around the town and walking and driving around Acadia State Park.

We saw sand dollars


and seaweed


Crab...(ok, it WAS dead)


Ocean and trees


Took touristy pictures


Saw Thunder Hole


Views from Thunder Mountain




A midget lighthouse that closed right when we got there so we couldn't climb up the 5 steps


A tourist shop filled with crystal that were really sparkly


Tall ships


and now for the banjo part (Cathy, turn away so you don't get reaggravated)


Meet our guide for 2 hours on a private boat cruise. His name is Winston. Read what the website had to say about him:

"Blessed with a healthy curiosity, Capt. Shaw has "never met a fact he wasn't interested in" according to his wife Joyce. And there is nothing he enjoys more than sharing the wealth of information he has collected over the past quarter century with visitors eager to truly "experience" all Acadia National Park and the Mount Desert Island area has to offer."

Sharing the information meant that he talked about himself (with his back turned to where we were going) and didn't shut up for 2 hours. He has done every job in the world as well as having lived in San Francisco. Imagine THAT. Problem was that he never told us about anything else about our surroundings (unless we asked which Cathy, bless her heart, kept trying to do). Luckily Jeff had his eye on the ocean so we didn't hit the 10 lobster traps that he was heading straight for.

I tried to get video but it wasn't easy to do it without being obvious. Here is a sample of what we listened to for 2 hours but I am sorry that I didn't get any of his stories about having to get his clearance from homeland security or the story of him passing out in Arizona, or his escapades in New Mexico, or being at Berkeley or you name it and he told us.

There was more (2 hours worth...) and every story turned into something about himself...

I didn't catch it here but I wanted to share. The worse part of this whole thing is that he was going about 5 miles an hour. It was just tedium. There wasn't anything to see and we just putted around. Problem was he charged us for the extra time it ran over because he talked so much and went so slow. Not to mention that he was 15 minutes late taking off because I was stupid enough to tell him that we moved to Massachusetts from the Bay area.


So, on the way home I took a picture of a house that I saw on the way there that I loved. Check it out.


Ok, that is all...carry on.

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