Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Evan is leaving

Evan was here this weekend. He is leaving today. I am sad. I hate that he only got to stay a couple of days.
Anyhow, we went to the race track (where else does a good mom take her son?) and we went to MoMa. Hey, culture and gambling go hand in hand.

Anyhow, not much to blog about for the last couple of days. Here is the backyard.



Lori said...

That yard is going to be awesome! I'm sad too. Went to LA to see one number son and had to leave him too. BOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Remind me to tell you the story of the chinese restaurant that wasn't.

hockey mom said...

Wow, are those paths laid out? Is that what I'm seeing? The backyard is going to be gorgeous. It will be worth it. It's kind of like the black hole of knitting right now, isn't it? But, then, it will all be done and you'll be sitting out there with your wine and your knitting with Mr. Yarn! and Evan playing poker.

Trying to stay with a theme here (giggle).