Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Secrets and such


Yup, this is my knitting bag. I can't show what is in it because it isn't for me. I am knitting for someone else. I am almost done with one part of it which means that I really have been knitting.

So, "Mr. Yarn!" dropped the news on me that he has to go to India for work in a few weeks. Yeah, India. I was bummed out so Brigid brought me a "Oh, forget about it and cheer up gift"


How cute is that?


Lori said...

India! Janice, just think of all the wonderful things Mr Yarn can purchase for you in India!

TitaniumRose said...

Very lovely new bag. =) But that does suck about the India thing. Hopefully he can find you some interesting yarn to bring back.

Gerald said... don't have to knit something just for me. :)

India...I know someone who has been over because of work. Depending on where Mr. Yarn goes, he could bring back some nice stuf.