Friday, September 09, 2005

Um, now the internets are against me

So, I tried to post a blog entry and picture from home this morning, and no such luck. My internet connection has decided "September has started off crappy for her, why don't we just jump in here and contribute". So here I am at the shop with no pictures to show you.

Wait, here is one I stole from Evan on Flickr.

Bay Bridge by Evan

He took this when he was here visiting.


tammy said...

September will get better for you! You will be getting a new helper at the shop, and then voila! you will begin to get your life back!
love this picture. You have talented kids, that's for sure!
thanks again for the intarsia training wheels!

Linda said...

Very interesting perspective on the bridge and I loooove the colors. But, please, what are those two white thingies on the left side?

Janis said...

Um, reflextion from the window?