Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ghost knitting


The sweater that I am ghost knitting for a friend that is suppose to be knitting it for a friend is almost done! I love it. I actually would like to keep it. Oh well.

So Mr Yarn turned 40 yesterday. Funny, he doesn't look any different.


BeanMama said...

ROFL - ghost knitting!

Rabbitch said...

I like that sweater! I have been meaning to make something for myself ... will you ghost knit it for me? I promise I won't tell me that you're doing it.

And Happy Birthday Mr. Yarn!

Karen said...

I keep forgetting that your boytoy is even younger than mine. That's so awesome.

Btw, that's an awfully fancy coffee machine (behind the cat) for a household where at least half the people hate coffee. heh.

mamapez said...