Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Alice Starmore's "Fern"

Yes indeedy, I have been knitting. This is Alice Starmore's "Fern". I love the yarn and I love the sweater so far. I don't love knitting on it in 100 degree weather but it will be worth it when it is 20 below.

I never knew why people in other parts of the country talked about the weather all the time. That is I didn't understand it until I moved away from California. It has become an obsession. Everything revolves around it. I suppose that I will get used to it but in the meantime it freaks me out. For instance, last night lightening (and yes it was still in the 80's) hit a tree on our street and we were without electricity all night. This meant that there was NO air. I started to panic when I tried to go downstairs and realized that it was pitch black and I couldn't see. Me being stubborn me felt my way around the room until I was trapped and really didn't know where I was. Mr Yarn thought it was pretty funny that I was in the office and was groping around banging on the printer. I got downstairs and slept on the couch.

I really don't want to turn into one of those "what about this weather we are having" type of people. I have to refrain from getting stuck with that nasty habit.

Um, how is the weather where you are?


Kate G. said...

Now, Ms. Yarn, when in Rome (and you know the rest). Look on the bright side: you'll be a stunner in that Alice Starmore as you bemoaning snow levels come November. That's something, eh?

PS. Love seeing what's on your needles even in the heat.

Anonymous said...

Your Fern is lovely!

And here in (near) Eugene, we're about to break 60 degrees for the first time in over a week. I'm wearing a turtleneck under a wool sweater.

Weather people are calling it Juneuary. Still, the sun has come out, and there's no rain predicted for the weekend. Life is good.

I do miss midwestern thunderstorms, though.