Monday, June 23, 2008

How I spent my summer vacation


Yup it is raining again. I have never seen it rain this hard. The thundering and lightening are weird enough and loud enough that I can't hear myself think. To make it even more fun it is raining little rocks. Yup, hail. This all would be sorta cool if it weren't for the fact that I am sweating. It is humid. It is wet. It is summer for gods sake!

Ok, enough of my whining.


Kate G. said...

But you're so cute when you whine and what's to like about hail unless you're some kind of heavenly golfer?

The humidity where you are would do me in. Here? Wind is the order of the day and (of course) fog.

Carol in NoVa said...

Yeah, welcome to the East Coast. I remember one September I was in Boston and we were at Faneuil Hall and the heat coming off the entrance to the T was just mind-numbing. But dinner at Durgin Park was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janis
I remember going to Dave's family reunion in Watertown, Mass. They all laughed at the California group for standing in the garage and looking out at the rain!

Hey send some of that rain here, we are burning up in California and the air quality is nonexistant.

Take care, we miss you here.


suzee said...

Yep, you could be back in 'ameda, where it's brown skies and asthma attacks for the third time in a month.

Hope it dries up for you soon!