Friday, June 13, 2008


Dakota 7 Mo

Dakota (aka Esther [because my friend Julie refuses to call her anything else so I put that for her]) turned 7 months old a couple of days ago. First time I have ever known the actual birthday of a pet. Her birthday is November 9th. I can't believe how fast she is growing and her dog classes are going great. She is really smart (for a Saint Bernard that is). She has really mellowed out and she obeys commands most of the time (if you happen to have a piece of hotdog in your hand).

On the home front...



All the cabinets are done and we are waiting to get our stove and hood and to get the counter tops put in. Oh yeah, we also have to paint and tile the backsplash. I can't wait for all of this to be done because washing dishes in a bathroom sort of disgusts me. Call me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Love (10 zillion)

The kitchen and the dog! Hey, what color is your kitchen painted? And, don't tell me green. I know that. Go look at the can of paint and give me a company and a chip number. ;-)

Kate G. said...

Looking good. Interested to see what the countertops will be. Will they match "Esther's" freckles?

Donna said...

That is a face that one falls in love with. I love the kitchen. I also will tell you that I had a good giggle about you in the dark going downstairs. Flash light girlfriend, that is the recommendation of the day!
Donna aka Hairys Mom