Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A picture of a picture of a picture

Evan's photo of a hummingbird

Last time Evan was at our house in Alameda, a hummingbird got inside the house and couldn't get out. It flew over to our leaded glass window and Evan got a shot of it. I had the picture blown up and printed on canvas. I will now have it hanging in my den and it will remind me of Evan and our old house. You can see the Oakland hills in the picture which I love.


Anonymous said...

what a great shot!


Karo said...

WOW!...What a great picture... Man-o-man Janis...I'll bet you got talent you haven't even used yet! You have to go non-stop to accomplish all you do... Why I can't even keep up with reading about it! I am so proud of you, and it's good to know that should anything happen to me, Larry will be going to a good home...