Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Almost done


I am almost done with Birch. When this one is finished I am doing another one in another color. Yes, I am crazy. I have so much stuff to knit on that I can't decide what I want to do first anymore. I think that after I finish the second Birch that I am going to be starting this


I have a bit of a phobia starting it though.


mamapez said...

Gorgeous! You are amazing. :)

PinkyRoo said...

Your Birch is so beautiful, of course. What color will the next one be?

I'm guessing the other sweater will not be purple--Purple is not a Janis color! Of course, the question is, will this sweater actually be for Janis?

Janis said...

Next color for Birch is an odd one. It is called Majestic. Actually a mix of purple and grey. Hard to explain.

The other sweater is the exact colors of the picture. You are right, purple isn't me but oh well.

BeanMama said...

Birch is lovely!! I like the cardigan... but what's with the pose? Is she under arrest?

Linda said...

Janis - I loooove the Birch. Where is the pattern? What yarn did you use?

Janis said...

Birch is from an old Rowan book and I used KidSilk Haze.

Lori said...

Hi sweetie. Birch is lovely! And I can wait to see the Starmore!

emily said...

I had a similar knitters block on the Starmore I'm working on right now. I finally decided to just cast on one night, and then I just couldn't resist. The AS yarn is so lovely, it calls to you.

tabitha said...

hi janis! i havent been reading much since we moved because it makes me jealous. but now that i am trying to knit again (i didnt have time before... with all the house stuff and settling in) i thought i would come catch up!

miss your shop and knitting nights <3