Thursday, October 13, 2005

I forgot to bring it home

Ok, so I forgot to bring home the sweater I am knitting so that I can show it to you. I am sorry. I have lots on my mind. Too much on my mind. I am not even sure what that "lots" is but it is those little things that you know that you have to do and none of them apart are so big but all together they drive you crazy. I am crazy.

So you won't hate me I will show you another Halloween toy that Mr Yarn bought me. I love Halloween. I know I told you that already. Tomorrow? I swear I will bring home the sweater to take a picture of so that I can show you.



TitaniumRose said...

ACK!!! I have that one too!!! I love that his eyeballs jiggle when you shake him. =)

molly said...

Well, you and my 4 year old nephew - he picked that one out as a centerpiece for his birthday party!