Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More knitting


This is the poncho that I am making Annie. It is a kit from Fleece Artist. I finished it once and had to rip out the entire thing because it was way too wide and short. I cast on less stitches and I think it will work this time. I love the color.

Hey, I forgot to tell you this but I pawned off the sweaters that I didn't want on my sister and mom. They loved them all so much that I knew that they were going to a good home. I even pawned one off that wasn't sewn up yet on my mother and she will finish it. I feel cleansed. I can start a bunch more projects that I will never wear. I found two enablers!!!


A. L. said...

That yarn is gorgeous; I love the texture and depth. Your BBM3 package is on its way -- I hope you like Philly junkfood!

hockey mom said...

Tee hee - it reminds me of "Poltergeist." "This house is clean."