Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I was so wrong

I apologize for speaking too soon. I have to say the Stones were amazing. Yes, Mick is old, but I have never seen so much energy in all my life. Not only that but since he started out so damn ugly he really hasn't aged. He looks the same. Not only that but any guy that can move like that at his age is ok in my book. I never had that much energy in my life. It also didn't hurt that we were sitting on the floor in section 14 and we were in 400.00 seats. The stage and the whole show was probably one of the best concerts I have ever seen (and I have seen LOTS of concerts).

Best part was when they sang "Sympathy for the Devil" I felt like I was back in time.


Ok, and I do dance like a white girl...


Anonymous said...

they were actually $480 seats :) yes i have the coolest boyfriend in town and lucky for you he loves you as much as me. :)

So can we all stop with the broken hip jokes now?!

Mr. Yarn! said...

I think you guys are leaving out the most important part of the concert. Mettalica played an awesome set!

That Lars guy rules on the drums.

Tim is definately the best. We sat in the kind of seat you only get to sit in if you know somebody. :) The whole thing was Great!

Anonymous said...

"Lars guy" some fan HE is.
I lost all respect when they said "frisco" 3 times....and they are FROM here. They should know better.

. said...

Ooh, I'm jealous. I love that song (and Mick) so much.

lisaz said...

At least you have the excuse that you
ARE a white girl!

Lori said...

I'm sooo jealous! They put on one of the best, loudest, most professional shows around! I'm so glad you had a good time.