Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sometimes there is nothin to say


So Lily is still thinking that maybe she didn't get the luckiest draw on earth for humans to live with. Afterall, if I am not feeding her she doesn't understand why I am near her with a camera bothering her. I love you Lily!

On the knitting front... this is pathetic but I am busy until next monday and not much is going to be going on with my at home knitting. This is what I have so far

New knitting

Not real exciting. Then again, don't EVEN ask what is happening with shop knitting. Uh, lets leave it to say that I am being FORCED to go back to working on Squirrel Monkey and I ripped out my Jaywalker socks. I think some people are pushy (HI SARAH AND MOLLY love you guys, really do!) They told me that if I ripped out the sock because I didn't want to play anymore that I HAD to finish Squirrel Monkey.

Maybe I will do some secret knitting.

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TitaniumRose said...

Lily is lovely as always. And how wonderful it would be to be able to show even a small and pathetic amount of knitting. Today I decided to try needle felting at lunch - I gave up after about 15 minutes because I got so bored with it. But they keep telling me I'll get there, it'll come back. When I ask you, when? Ah anyway, enough bitching, sorry. But hey, HI THERE! =)