Friday, April 21, 2006

Um...ok, I bought more yarn

Lori and Monte and Peter and I went to the TKGA preview of the market last night. I told Lori that I wasn't going to buy ONE thing. I don't think she believed me and it is a good thing. So here it goes. What I bought part 9

Twisted sisters

I loved this jacket at Stitches and Twisted Sisters were all out of them. Not this time! We were the fist people to be in the market. I bought this in beautiful colors that I couldn't really show you.

Cheryl Oberle

I loved this jacket and HAD to have it. It is Cheryl Oberle's and she is a great designer. I love all of her stuff and her yarns are beautiful. She is also a really nice person. I can't wait to make this. It is called Three Sisters (hey I have a theme going here with the Sister thing. That reminds me that I have to call mine).


I met the people at Suss Designs and talked to them about carrying their yarns in my shop. I decided to test drive some of it. Hey they can't be all bad they are from my old "hood".

(sorry the picture sucks but I can't take it over. I DO have to get to work)

Last and kinda least I bought some Merino Tencel. It has a beautiful sheen and is Gossamer weight (Hi lace!)

Merino and Tencel

Ok, there was one more thing that I bought a couple of days ago and I swear that this is it for the buying for another year. Well, uh, maybe not a year but we will see. I had to get this because ya know it is a part of history

Another Bohus

It is the Yellow Big Collar. So it goes. Mr Yarn! I love you for never getting mad and if we start to starve because of my addiction we can always sell Pony rides on Lily. Either that or I could sell a sweater or two.


ms. crafty said...

It's all gorgeous! You could totally rent Lily out for "pony rides" at kids birthday parties...when I was a wee lass we had an old english sheepdog who loved to let me ride him like a pony. (Or at least that's how I remember it.)

BeanMama said...

*sob* I don't get to the Market until Sunday. I hope everything's not ALL GONE by the time I get to play.