Monday, April 24, 2006



I got to work on my sweater yesterday so there is something to show you. I am loving this sweater. Mr Yarn! thought that I might need help when I bought a handmade sweater at a garage sale this weekend. He doesn't understand that I am saving the world one sweater at a time.

Our cat (well it really isn't MY cat it is Annie's cat) is flipped out and was sleeping in a fruit bowl.

Wacko cat

Ew, I wish she wouldn't do that.


Lisa said...

Luckily my dog won't sleep in the serving dishes. Although she'd probably try if she were small enough.

Are you going to start a sweater rescue organization?

Rebekah said...

Maybe she's found her inner apple, or banana.

Our cats always used to sleep in strange places, I finally stopped keeping anything I didn't want cat fur on, in cupboards.

ms. crafty said...

Show us the rescue sweater :-)

Awww what a there still fruit in the bowl? You'd think lumpy fruit might be a deterrant, but then again you never know.

Ron said...

Some cats seem to know when they're being all picturesque, and can't resist.

If it reallt bugs you, you could try filling the bowl with oranges or lemons or washing it in some of that orange-peel detergent stuff. Cats supposedly hate citrus peel, and from what I've seen that just might be true.

Or you could plasticize her, bowl and all, and auction the resulting objet d'art on eBay.