Monday, July 18, 2005

Alpine Adventure

So, this trip has had a theme. Leave it to Nik and Lee. It has been the Alpine Adventure. We drove through Shasta to get here. We then went to Mt. Hood yesterday and had lunch. Today was Mount St. Helens. It has been a blast. Tomorrow we leave "Casa Nik and Lee" and head on off for Seattle. I don't have the pictures of Shasta or Mount St Helens up yet but it isn't easy doing this on the road. What you get is what you get. (Hi Annie, mommy loves you, don't be mean to me in the comment section)

Mt Hood

Chez Nik and Lee


Anonymous said...

say hi to the pez dispensers and the elvis room for me...oh lee an nikki too. and please stop writing on this thing...i mean really...its a vacation and its depressing ME.

TitaniumRose said...

still jealous... the only thing keeping me going right now is Harry Potter... =)