Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Eh... Back to work

So Fourth of July was great. Did all the fourth of July stuff. Went to a parade and went to two BBQ's. While at one BBQ there was a "Raw Viking Chicken Hat" sighting. Ron was the proud recipient of the hat


So, on to a little bit of knitting news. I finished the Chinatown jacket and just have to put it together. I got bored and didn't feel like doing that so I started Alice Starmore's "Fern".


I got the rib done. I am using Rowan's Harris Aran. The color is incredible but my picture stinks and you can't really see it.



Jessica said...

Ooo, is the tweed that misty green? I just started a project with it (different color) for the shop where I work this weekend. It's very pretty stuff.

Janis said...

That is it! I love it. What shop do you work in?

Okate said...

Ron in a raw chicken hat! I sdudda been there...I shudda been there!

Janis said...

Yes! You shudda!

Ron Sullivan said...

I yam both proud and 'umble to be a recipient of and semipublic model for the Raw Chicken Viking Hat. I'm sure you will be pleased to know that it made it home with me safely. We took Valerie and Girish around the corner at dusk to see the barn owls nesting near us. I considered wearing the hat there, but chickened out in the end.

Yeah, Kate, you both shudda been there!

Janis said...

An owl! Wow. Good thing you didn't wear the chicken hat to go see the owl, it may have attacked.