Friday, July 29, 2005

There's no place like home?

Ok, I am getting burned out with travel. We are now in Astoria. Back in Oregon. I couldn't blog in Victoria but it was beautiful. Sooke Harbor House (thanks Gail!) was the most incredible place. We couldn't resist so we hired a guide and went salmon fishing. We caught two fish each (well, we had to throw 2 of em back because they weren't in season). The reason we didn't catch much is that the killer whales were swimming around. We got to see them and they were awesome. Anyhow, we brought the fish to the hotel to have the chef cook them for dinner for us. He was an amazing chef and did amazing things with the fish.

So, we are now on the downside of the trip. Astoria is cute (well it is sorta cute) and we ate at a restaurant across from the hotel we are staying in (hotel is great, it is called Hotel Elliot) and we met really nice people that heard our fish story and were sad that we really didn't catch much. The man kept telling me that this Wen I would see lots of fish that he was sending me at home. We will see.

Today we are off to Coos Bay. We are staying at a Casino. It is cheesy and great. Wish me luck. I may come home a millionaire (ok, so I have a 40 dollar limit when it comes to gambling, but ya never know).

Flickr is down and I can't show pictures but I will post them later after I make a million at the black jack table.

Wait, flickr is back. Here are the pictures

Picture out our window at Sooke Harbor House

Picure of flower from Bouchard Gardens

Me on boat from Victoria to Washington. (Hey, I hated my hair so I went to a cool place in Seattle and had em fix it. It is even shorter now and I still hate it)


BeanMama said...

LOL -- hair is funny that way, isn't it? The trip sounds like SO much fun! We are going to Ashland, OR in 2 weeks and I can hardly WAIT I'm so excited!!

mamapez said...

Hey, I just got back from there! Astoria is definitely cuter when you are visiting a friend's family and they make you a scrumptious meal. :)