Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Jury is out


As you can see Lily wasn't too perky about the new addition. Bella. That is my new dogs name. Bella. Mr Yarn really wasn't too up with the idea. You think I give up THAT easily? Hell no. There will be more badgering and when we get back from our trip (yeah, we are going away for 17 whole days!) and if Bella is still there we will see what happens.

I also had this idea that I got from x-Mr. Yarn. He and his wife have shihtzadoodles (cross between a shihtzu and a poodle. What if I try and find a Bernardadoodle? Not only would it one up him but it would cost less to feed.


hockey mom said...

I have a Bella! She's a Bassett Hound and she's quite lovely. I hope everything works out for you on this. How old is she? She looks like quite a sweetie.

Janis said...

I LOVE Bassett's. This Bella is 8 months old and is up for adoption. I love her.

Kim in Oregon said...

A second dog is marginally more work and 10 times the joy. I hope Bella finds her way to her forever home with you.

Donna / Toasters Mom said...

Hi Janis
Had a great time on island with Gail, not to mention the retreat. What a great place.
I love the new dog, she is so sweet. Maybe Mr. Yarn will think he is having double vision?!
Have a great trip.