Friday, July 01, 2005

Ok wait... I am plotting


I found this dog for adoption and I need to think of a ploy to talk "Mr Yarn" into adopting her. Ok so we would have 2 Saints. We can do it. I have to have her. Look here is another picture:


Shhh. Don't tell him before I get home. He won't see this blog until next Tuesday and not only that he doesn't read it unless he is mindlessly bored. So even though I already wrote an entry for today, I had to let you in on "Our little secret". Cross your fingers for me because Ethel and I hope we can pull this off on Ricky.


BeanMama said...

Saint B's are the CUTEST!! Every home should have two.

Janis said...

That's all I'm sayin!

KB said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Wow...just think of the yarn you could spin!

Janis said...

Ok ok. I will spin the fur and send it to you! I wanna see YOU crochet with it.