Monday, July 11, 2005


See? I am knitting. I got quite a bit of the front of Fern done (an Alice Starmore sweater out of the book Stillwater). It is a fun knit and I like working on it.

Other than that I am getting ready for our trip to Canada. We are leaving on Friday. Wooo Wooo. The only thing that I am worried about is that the only ID that I have is a birth certificate with my maiden name and a drivers license. My passport is expired and I didn't have time to renew. Oh well. If they don't let me back in the US I will learn to say things like "F&%KIN A" and "Aboot". Hey Annie, you can come visit. You always wanted to live in Canada!


BeanMama said...

worry not... we US-ers don't even need a passport to get into Canada. Your license will do. Have fun, I love Canada!

Janis said...

Just a license isn't good enough anymore. They now make you have 2 forms of ID.

Lori said...

Fern is beautiful. And, if you're obnoxious enough they will let you out of Canada, and if you swear you don't have any fruit on board, they may let you back into the good ole US.

Janis said...

They always let you OUT of Canada. It is the US that has been pissy about letting you back in. Oh well, I can start a yarn shop in Canada

Anonymous said...

its F*n Eh. get it right.
and dont forget the zed.