Thursday, July 07, 2005


So, I guess I have given up on the idea of "Bella". I guess I am not getting another dog. Mr Yarn really meant it when he said no, and then it didn't help to have my traitor friends side with him. What were they thinkin? So I formed plan B. Lori told me that there were miniature cows. I am now in love with these and am trying to talk Mr. Yarn into one. It is about the same size as Lily. He said nothin about bovine being off limits.


Also, Crochet Dude came to visit in the mail yesterday. I got sick of seeing him being carted around L.A. and I decided that the "Dude" needed to see San Francisco.

Here we are meeting. I had to get a picture of two bloggers meeting for the first time:


Here Dude meets Lily

So, I will take him to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and China Town and the Castro and the Haight. I am even taking him on our trip with us and he will be going to Portland, Seattle, San Juan Islands, Victoria and Vancouver. He doesn't know it yet but he is even going to a spa for 3 days. What a lucky Dude. Stay posted for pictures!


Ron Sullivan said...

Janis, that cow is amazing... unless it's Photoshopped. But I think you're playing with fire here. I mean, Mr. Yarn's already got that hyperdeveloped rootin tootin remote-controlled stste-of-the-art barbecue thing that looks like the Ol' Number Nine engine, and do I remember you saying you were including some fire-sacrifice device in the new landscaping?

You'd go through a llllllotttt of pets... All named "Dinner."

Janis said...

That miniature cow isn't a joke. They are really for sale. I want a Hereford. So, yeah, I thought of Mr. Yarn getting his grubby little Texas hands on my little Hereford named Sal and making a hell-of-a-dinner shindig out of her. I am sure you and Joe would be invited. Why did I go and marry a Texan?

~drew emborsky~ said...

Oh cool. I could use the vacation! LOL - seriously, I can't wait to see pics! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

um youre retarded. you couldnt feed "mr yarn" and a cow. You would be a broke ass MF.

Janis said...

You aren't funny.

Anonymous said...

Who is that anonymous un-funny loser?

KB said...

Definitely not funny. But, on the have another stalker!

Janis said...

Um, Annie. She is my daughter. She isn't a loser :--)

KB said...

I can't believe that Bella isn't coming to live with you. Just breaks my heart... she looks like she's just waiting for you to take her home. Waah.

The cow is cute, but not as cute as Bella.