Monday, March 20, 2006

Home home home

We are back. Here is a very mini chronicle of a really fun weekend. We started off by going to Napa to do just a little wine tasting. Of course I took the Crochet Dude with me.

Crochet Dude in Napa

After meeting up with rain and hail we arrived in Isleton. This was on the B&B door.

Daze Inn

and this is for Lisa... Hey Lisa, the sheets WERE really clean.


The room was great and the murder mystery was a blast. Oh, and what would a trip be without going to do MORE wine tasting. Bill our host took us to a winery that didn't have a tasting room and that wasn't open to the public. The wine was really really good. It was called Erhardt.


Lisa said...

I can't wait to hear about your weekend, you'll have to fill us in on the details later this week. So glad that the sheets were clean - nasty hotels are WAY scarier than murders. On the other hand - a little wine can make anything easier to handle - so I knew you'd be OK no matter what!

KB said...

welcome back! Good to hear that you had a great time!