Thursday, March 23, 2006

My doggy doesn't feel too good

Sick doggy

Lily is sick. We need to take her to the vet today. It is so sad that she can't talk and tell me what is wrong. One side of her mouth is really swollen. I am really worried about her. She won't even eat.

I am also worried about my other girl Annie. She hit a loveseat that was sitting in the middle of the freeway last night. She didn't get hurt but her car did. Bad week for me.


Sarah M. said...

I hope that the vet has answers. Poor Lily.

What was a loveseat doing on the freeway? Yikes! I am glad that Annie is ok.

Kim in Oregon said...

Get better soon Lily!

Linda said...

Oh, poor Lily. I hope it is something like a bad tooth that can be taken care of right away.

Did you make her some chicken soup?

Hannah Hamovitch said...

Hi Honey!!
I love the sweater you are working on. It is beautiful!!
If it doesn't fit you remember I am your mother.......
I love you lots,