Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome Squirrel Monkey


Say hi to the new sweater I started. It is called Squirrel Monkey and the pattern is by JoLene Treace. I am going to be carrying her patterns. I love them. Anyhow, the white on the bottom is just provisional caston so it will not be there when I am finished. This is really fun to do. I am doing it out of Finullgarn.

So, I know you are asking what happened to "Jinny". Well, Jinny turned into a sample not a sweater. I had a customer buy the bag of Cotton Glace that I had put aside for this sweater and I rather the customer had it than *I* did. It is ok. If ya wanna know the truth I was getting reallllllly bored with knitting that sweater. What else is new?

That is about all.


Karen said...

Hey, is that the same yarn or did you start anew with a different color? It looks totally pink on my screen but on Sunday it was dark brown in real life. Wasn't it?

Or have I once again lost my mind?

Janis said...

No, it IS brown! I don't know about your mind though :-)

Kim in Oregon said...

My SIL has been searching high and low for this pattern after seeing it at the Interlacements booth at SW...they didn't have it, didn't have it listed at their web site (even though they said they had it on the web) and she is going nuts! I'll have to send her over here so she can get in touch with you....she's in San Jose.