Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I love this sweater


This sweater is one of my favorites that I have ever worked on. Not sure I will say that when I get to the black stockinette that goes on forever. For now I am loving this sweater.

Lily update: Thanks for all the concern and good thoughts. She is doing much better. Mr Yarn found that she has a tooth that is broken off to the root (couldn't see in her mouth before because it was too swollen). So, it isn't a spider bite (which makes ME feel better). She goes back to the vet today to be checked and most likely will have the tooth removed.

my girl


Lisa said...

Poor Lily - I can just see her with the toothache towel tied around her head (like the old cartoons). that sweater is so incredible!

Rebekah said...

The sweater is just beautiful, it looks like a fluffy cloud.

Glad Lily is feeling better, Hopefully she'll continue on her recovery.

Lori said...

I wonder how much it will cost to remove the tooth? YIKES! What's a dog lover to do. The sweater is gorgeous. Do you think it comes in my size?

knitcrazed said...

that sweater is so beautiful. i love the detailing. maybe some day i'll be knitting patterns like that too.

i'm so glad lily is doing better. any chance that you'll bring her to the shop soon? i'd love to meet her.

Stefaneener said...

Poor Lily and poor(er) you!
That sweater looks like a dreamy, snowy day. I hope just looking at it will sustain you through the stockinette.

Black? Yerg.