Thursday, March 30, 2006

Squirrel Monkey

squirrel monkey

Sorry about the fuzzy picture. This is the back of my sweater that I am working on at the shop. It is called Squirrel Monkey and it by Jolene Treace. The yarn is Finullgarn. Slow going but worth it. My camera sucks.


sewingsuzee said...

It is GORGEOUS. Wow.

Love the furry foot, too.

ms. crafty said...

agreed. squirrel monkey is amazing. i sit in bewildered awe :-)

BeanMama said...

Wow, funkiness!! Love it!
P.S. -- thanks for not "letting" me frog!!

Stefaneener said...

Very cool. I bet you could hypnotize people with it.

JoLene Treace said...

I was wondering how it was looking in Finnulgarn. Glad to see a picture on your blog, it looks wonderful.