Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Housewarming gift

Don't ask

I don't know if you can see that blob on my pavement but I was too cold and lazy to go out in the rain to get a good picture (ok, no one said I was a photo journalist in real life). Know what that is? It is Guano. Yeah it is. It is owl poop. There are about three of them under the huge palm trees (I call them "the girls") and Mr Yarn verified for me that he kicked the poop and there are indeed bones and stuff in that poop. So this means that I have an owl for a pet as well as Lily (and dog number 2 that I just KNOW Mr. Yarn is getting me for my birthday) and the cats. I have an owl! Only problem is that I have never seen anything of the owl other than the poop. Still, isn't that sorta exciting? The owl lives in MY tree and all I got was this lousy poop...

Onto other things. I got pretty far with the lace that I was doing. Check it out

First real lace


Lisa said...

wow - you are FAST! is that the print o' the wave stole? looks fabulous!

ms. crafty said...

gorgeous lace! can you hear the owl hoot? have you named your owl yet? :-)

BeanMama said...

I didn't even know we HAD owls here! How cool is that!!??!!

Rebekah said...

That is just too cool! I'm so stinking jealous I could spit. Okay I won't spit, but really I'm that jealous. I'll trade you my falcon for your owl.

Anonymous said...

It probably isn't poop but owl regurgitation. They throw up the stuff they don't need. They're called owl pellets. (Science lesson of the day) Owls are great for keeping the rodent population down.

Janis said...

Oh, I knew that it was owl barf. I swear I did. My kids had to dissect the stuff in Junior high.

The owl doesn't hoot.

I will trade the owl for a falcon

Stefaneener said...

Ohmygosh, we JUST looked at owl pellets yesterday! How exciting. Lucky you to have an owl. Like Rebekah, we have a resident falcon, who just eyes our chickens in a somewhat worrisome way.

Um, can I have some for the Things? They would be waaaaay thrilled.

And you should definitely get another dog. Maybe two. Small, excitable dogs!

Ron Sullivan said...

Barn owls?? (That's mostly who hangs out in palm trees AFAIK.) Congratulations!

You'll hear them soon enough, when the kids start begging. They screech and hiss and it's alarming as all hell unless you know it's just the owls.

And yeah, save the pellets. Some people make a living selling them. Put them in Easter eggs!