Monday, January 23, 2006

The great ham caper

So, a friend emailed a month ago to find out if we wanted in on a Virgina Country ham. What a loaded question. So arrangements were made and it was decided that the ham would be shipped to my shop. It was. What I failed to remember is that we were going to be out of town when it got there. Luckily Auban (Hi Aubbie!) was there and gave us a call. The UPS person thought that the ham might have been floating around since Xmas and that we might want to refuse it!! NOOOOO. Give me that ham.

So, we soaked it for 2 days and then cooked the puppie (I mean pig) up

Actual size

Wooo hooo was that one salty little morsel. Then again, what do *I* know from ham. Never tasted it until I was 18 years old.

The great turkey caper

Ok, so Mr. Yarn tried to divide the sucker up for the participants to take home. His saw failed him.

uh oh

We had a great time. Thanks to all that were there (do you really read this blog? That still blows me away).

Ok on to knitting...

I am about to felt Tim's clog. I am scared. I can't do this again and I already see that one looks bigger than the other. Damn.

slippers before felting

I also have to block my sweater today. Here it is unblocked

sweater about to be blocked

Oh yeah...


and dishes


Stefaneener said...

Mmmmmmmm sweater.
Ugh salty ham.

I say, block AND forget the dishes. You can claim slipper-induced forgetfulness, right?

Ron said...

Mmmmm, salty ham. Good thing I like it 'cuz I have to chew on it for a lonnnng time. Your mac 'n' cheeeez slides down real good tho'. Also tastes good, and now I know your secret.

I guess those slipper things get smaller when you felt them? I looked over as you were showing them to Kate and wondered who the heck you know that had such huge feet. In fact I wondered if that might be a Ham O' Shanter.


Janis said...

Ham O' Shanter! I like that. Tomorrow you will see the finished size. I dunno if it will be ok or not.