Monday, January 09, 2006

It's not a poncho

It's not really a poncho poncho

I finished the "It's not a poncho it is a blanket that I wear" poncho. I really like it and it feels great to wear even though it may not be the most attractive on me. Who cares. I am now finishing Mr. Yarns vest and should be done with it by the end of today. Then I have to start Tim's felted slippers (AGAIN). After that I have to finish Peter's sweater (that you still haven't seen a picture of). Then I am FREE.

So my exciting day off will be filled with doing laundry and going for a routine doctors visit. Don't you wish you were ME?

1 comment:

PinkyRoo said...

Nice *poncho*! As much fun as it is to tease you, it really is nice.

For a blanket.