Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Here is the shirt that I got at the bee shop. I think that it is cute. On the back is a drone. Yeah, so that is what I wanted to show you.

On another note guess what I knit last night? Uh, if you guessed Tims big ole slipper (for the second time I remind you) you are right.


Last but not least Lily was feeling a bit left out of the blog world so I told her that I would put her on here AGAIN. What a ham. Oh wait, more about the ham story later.



Rebekah said...

Lily is so stinking cute. She definitely needs more blog time.

Mr. Yarn! said...

Funny you should mention stinking. :)

Technically, isn't this the third pair of slippers you have made for Tim? I ended up with the first pair and they are very comfortable. I am happy to let you show them to people on your blog.